Dear Edgar,

By way of a myriad of facets, among the creative, the philosophical, the spiritual and the scientific examination, fascination perpetuated by the multitude of existential variables are here sought to be explored.  Variables that inevitably and equally do and do not define streams of consciousness, but only to stay aware that with “do not’s,” nothingness must be considered part of the whole. Higher consciousness swirls through the ever-fluid manifestation of reality, revealing its tempestuous insistence existence isn’t beyond anything within the framework of time. 

Everything and nothing at once flow across the ocean of perspectives; spilling lightly against the shores of the isles of perception that such this sort of infinite sea reveals wondrous symbiosis. Waves of quaquaversal (that is to say, moving every direction instantaneously) energy shoot from the being of the very being of a particle, building blocks of Delphic intent, perhaps incapable of all but limited realization within the mind of man. 

Unequivocally, the aforementioned galvanized by even the most elemental systems of consciousness, by individual systems of consciousness, by collective systems of consciousness, across the span of spacetime. 

Interminably, all moments singing to the tune of every remembered and forgotten dream. Dreams real as long as consciousness allows, harmonizing against supertemporal dreams.


Published by Angela Mary Pope

Angela Mary Pope has penned two publications, “I Had A Lovely Time”, along with the recently published “Secrets Held Too Tight To Keep”- I would experience enormous joy to find one copy to arrive at some respectively congruent corner of the world. Throughout the selected works lie recurring themes of impermanence and loss; change as an inevitable constant; musings pondering the fallibility of truth and language; the questionable nature of existence in its persistent ineffability; matters of the heart in love and rejection, romantic and otherwise. The poetry and prose collected for two books mutually catalog the subjective analysis of reality from the mindset wherein lies an endless thirst for knowledge, whilst capturing the voice of a relentlessly transparent heart.

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