Dear Ashy,

She that is an extraordinarily gracious, transcendentally loving, kindly mysterious creature, ambitiously thoughtful; she the lateral perceptive problem-solver; that magnificent being of light– contemporaneously solivagant. Solivagant as she stumbles evenly through a dynamically floral and faunal gather of plants and trees; a bold and broadly untrimmed wildwood, tapered only just enough for her foot by foot. One that takes a big huge heart and a healthy bit of bravery for her to step into; telling light shines delicately through the trees, mid-afternoon glow highlighting the trampled moss all over. The glisten to the gently flowing river that lies alongside the illuminated path carries the weight of every bit of her might. 

Light casts onto golden leaves from a sun that hangs humbly in a largely concealed yet endless sky. The sky is often hidden these days; cast over by aspiring branches that reach up toward their own subjective truth. It takes strength to be solivagant when she looks up through the greenness and sees her own reflection, but she has it down; as natural as the naturalist of springs that continuously flow around her.

Solivagant in the forest through the trees. Wandering the sheer honesty of flora and fauna.  Wandering the romantically structured intrigue gathering intrinsically amongst the plants and the trees. Wandering the lovingly fierce temperament of the rapidly flowing wide and glorious spring, with its ever fresh and healthy dose of sass against any rock, branch or creature that may cross its path.  Wandering the golden shining leaves of trees in a forest illuminating self-awareness, feeding off necessary light of humility. Effervescence guiding the twirl and spin, a canopy of spasmodic bits of sky revealing insight in a way that is beyond itself.  

Solivagant, Solivagant- To wander alone; Will it be through the forest or the trees?

Published by Angela Mary Pope

Angela Mary Pope has penned two publications, “I Had A Lovely Time”, along with the recently published “Secrets Held Too Tight To Keep”- I would experience enormous joy to find one copy to arrive at some respectively congruent corner of the world. Throughout the selected works lie recurring themes of impermanence and loss; change as an inevitable constant; musings pondering the fallibility of truth and language; the questionable nature of existence in its persistent ineffability; matters of the heart in love and rejection, romantic and otherwise. The poetry and prose collected for two books mutually catalog the subjective analysis of reality from the mindset wherein lies an endless thirst for knowledge, whilst capturing the voice of a relentlessly transparent heart.

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