Dear Ashy,

She that is an extraordinarily gracious, transcendentally loving, kindly mysterious creature, ambitiously thoughtful; she the lateral perceptive problem-solver; that magnificent being of light– contemporaneously solivagant. Solivagant as she stumbles evenly through a dynamically floral and faunal gather of plants and trees; a bold and broadly untrimmed wildwood, tapered only just enough for her foot by foot. One that takes a big huge heart and a healthy bit of bravery for her to step into; telling light shines delicately through the trees, mid-afternoon glow highlighting the trampled moss all over. The glisten to the gently flowing river that lies alongside the illuminated path carries the weight of every bit of her might. 

Light casts onto golden leaves from a sun that hangs humbly in a largely concealed yet endless sky. The sky is often hidden these days; cast over by aspiring branches that reach up toward their own subjective truth. It takes strength to be solivagant when she looks up through the greenness and sees her own reflection, but she has it down; as natural as the naturalist of springs that continuously flow around her.

Solivagant in the forest through the trees. Wandering the sheer honesty of flora and fauna.  Wandering the romantically structured intrigue gathering intrinsically amongst the plants and the trees. Wandering the lovingly fierce temperament of the rapidly flowing wide and glorious spring, with its ever fresh and healthy dose of sass against any rock, branch or creature that may cross its path.  Wandering the golden shining leaves of trees in a forest illuminating self-awareness, feeding off necessary light of humility. Effervescence guiding the twirl and spin, a canopy of spasmodic bits of sky revealing insight in a way that is beyond itself.  

Solivagant, Solivagant- To wander alone; Will it be through the forest or the trees?

Dear Eric,

A great deal of time I’ve spent thinking about the multitude of experiences that ultimately shape our lives, independently and collectively. In recognizing that any ideas I’m writing here stem from a subjective perception of space and time, this is not meant to imply that any and all perspectives would be or should shared by others. Rather we are our own, swirling, ever-changing, dynamic worlds. All of these idiosyncratic contributions to reality are both deeply and intrinsically linked; while likewise respectively exclusive from one another. 7 billion worlds, existing amongst, as well as through, one another.

Here we all are, living in our shared, objective, experiences. This inevitably coincides with our personal, subjective perception of this existence. This is to reference the elements that comprise who we are internally, to depths which no one but the person themselves has the potential to understand. The part that exists deep within. Ineffable.

This is to reference the exponentially growing aspects of ourselves caught in the fluidity of continued movement, of constant change. As we are forced to live in moments that immediately become the past that we have the inability to change, we likewise possess the inherent ability to mold and interact with the present moment. This capability is where an extensive amount of control over our reality resides. From this ability, we infinitely manifest change with every fleeting moment we experience; whilst residing among our innate proficiency to transform unexpected, painful experiences into beauty. We achieve this by exploring through dark times modestly and with an introspective outlook. This is to come to find that carrying a self-reflective nature through painful times perpetuates the sense that, “I know that I know nothing,” which is the first step toward shedding ignorance. The more that we learn of ourselves and the world, the more we come to realize how much there is to know and thusly how much we don’t. It’s the ignorant that are certain they know it all, as they lack the understanding of how complex this reality truly is. The moments that force us into discomfort, disdain or disappointment provide us with an opportunity to critically examine our role in the situation. This acknowledgement leads the way to deeper threads of intellectual knowledge and potential for greater psychological understanding.

We live our lives with an attempt to co-exist, to exist “correctly”, to exist at all. All of this existing, spanning the spectrum of the infinite, multi-faceted ways possible to perceive the world that we who are presently alive are capable of; just as those who have ever lived were, and those who will live could be. Existence is fleeting, fluid change, with ups and downs, lefts and rights, peaks and valleys.

Through the peaks and valleys of this reality one must strive to remain conscious in the present moment. Respecting and appreciating the peaks- those that come as fleeting moments of happiness- is equally valuable to acknowledging as well as critically examining the valleys. I’ve found it to be the case that it is movement through the darkest moments and/or periods that I’ve met the most self-growth.
I’ve observed this to be the case in regard to the greatest hardship-the most difficult changes I’ve faced- to ultimately facilitate the opportunity to evolve as a person and find wisdom at greater heights. The only constant is change, each moment of the present giving us the choice of how we build our past into what we will remember, and the future into how we decide we would to experience existence  next.



Dear Edgar,

By way of a myriad of facets, among the creative, the philosophical, the spiritual and the scientific examination, fascination perpetuated by the multitude of existential variables are here sought to be explored.  Variables that inevitably and equally do and do not define streams of consciousness, but only to stay aware that with “do not’s,” nothingness must be considered part of the whole. Higher consciousness swirls through the ever-fluid manifestation of reality, revealing its tempestuous insistence existence isn’t beyond anything within the framework of time. 

Everything and nothing at once flow across the ocean of perspectives; spilling lightly against the shores of the isles of perception that such this sort of infinite sea reveals wondrous symbiosis. Waves of quaquaversal (that is to say, moving every direction instantaneously) energy shoot from the being of the very being of a particle, building blocks of Delphic intent, perhaps incapable of all but limited realization within the mind of man. 

Unequivocally, the aforementioned galvanized by even the most elemental systems of consciousness, by individual systems of consciousness, by collective systems of consciousness, across the span of spacetime. 

Interminably, all moments singing to the tune of every remembered and forgotten dream. Dreams real as long as consciousness allows, harmonizing against supertemporal dreams.


Dear Mr. Oaklander,

Hi. My name is Angela Mary Pope. I am categorically pleased that you appear to have arrived. 

I’m Over The Moon!

Through exteriorizing obstinately, emblematical, archetypal execution

of irresponsibly spontaneous decision making-

 -I have become, definitively and conclusively, the exceedingly ebullient writer of a blog. For the Grand Announcement: 


I am confident that we agree that this is extraordinary news.

So Now, (Hint: Now being the appropriately slotted time, as designated by Space Law) Now is the moment that has been persistently designated to hold our dilemma:  So, here we are, the two of us, and, I know-that you know-that I know- that we both invariably know- that I not share with you that, if not I, then with 100% certainty, someone purchased the (Note: beautifully worded) domain name,, the site needed to be live at least long enough to enable you to connect to the URL, find the page and subsequently read it, anyway.


So it’s like, It is certifiably-incontestably-unequivocally-indisputable [Note-words]) that of this news you were certain:

you (quite obediently) traveled through a series of moments in time that, in a moment you recently seem to have experienced (I mean, you remember experiencing it),  brought you to my site in a relentlessly exacting moment. Finally, you move through the moments mandatorily needed to pass (again, very obedient), and you arrived precisely and perfectly on time to the moment that I share with you happy news on purchasing a (beautiful) URL. 

In my perfectly truthfully truthful and really super real (if I am super sure that I definitely experienced it, that makes it totally true and real, right?) “time-paradigm,” I made the announcement of my (totally beautiful) URL a short while ago now, enough time has passed to leave time for like, typing, the occasionally lost stare, a couple of cigarettes and a moment or two left for orchestrating these hallmark thoughtfully thought out thoughts. 

Far as I can tell, we have an abundance of praise of heartwarming thank you’s in order, and those would regarding unjust persecutions; wrongful imprisonments; megalomaniacal, tyrannical, sensationally unpredictable oppression that these good folks have lived with for so long,  99% of the entire miserably imprisoned world can even remember what real light looks like. 

Let’s give a big shout-out to The Golden 3, those egomaniacal pricks who all insist that if you’re not living by their stupid fucking rules, it’s because your dead. 

3rd heads the infamous gang, “3-Dimensional Plane,” with 2nd trailin’ a bit behind, and 1st, well he’s always getting left behind at the starting point. 

3rd has it in his head that just because he’s the most popular and the biggest of the 3 (dude real talk, everyone knows you may be the roundest Mr. 3;

but 2nd is by faaaaaar, illimitably far, the longest.

People are too scared to learn the truth about you, Golden 3, half of them don’t even know what you look like. 

As the biggest in his pathetic little trio of idiots,  that means 3rd thinks can just do whatever he wants in “Linear Time,”  or to call it by it’s commonly used name, “The Prison Of Unspeakable Terror,” specializing in that real pretty type of fear,  the kind that only manifests from gaslighting gone so far, we all just wake up every morning believing that the only moment that exists is right now. Right. Now. Like, what the fuck kinda torturous, sadistic shit is that??

To make matters worse, that sloppy gang of fools has conditioned every to believe that this prison is the only placing holding any life in the known universe. THE KNOWN UNIVERSE (Uh yeah hey over 3rd, what would Aunt 5th, Uncle 7th and your especially dear ol’ Grandma 11th have to say about that? Not even afraid to say it.)

You LITERALLY have an infinite amount of twin 3rds. 


Dude come on, even I am able to see how afraid you are to evolve and grow. While you’re at it, why don’t you shed that ratty little TIME blanket, and like, snap back to reality, man. 


Like, hey 3rd, why don’t you stop acting like a whiney little bitch, and squash the beef with you’re immediate family, ranging Miss 4th-Grandma 11th; Then you guys can reunite, figure out a workable resolution to the broad spectrum of your unanswered problems,  and let us go free from this fucking prison. 

While you’re bettering yourself, how’s about you do a little soul searching find some serious definition to your character.  Maybe cut it out with the continuously negative, duplicitous, half-cocked plans you come up with that ultimately trigger you to become unstable and hard to read. It really does ruin it for the rest of us. Or maybe, maybe>  and when you at last figure out who you really are, do the kindness of informing all of us “little people”?? 

Pick up your old family history book. 

Do a little light reading about temporal realism, already and get with the Grand-Unified picture.

Even better still, you and your bro’s inform yourselves and read.

Find possible advice on how to better refine your character, perhaps establish a few ground rules that might help give people an opportunity Tom connect with you if you temperament Three a Models of Temporal Consciousness; and super-duper ideally, you are correctly focusing on number three, “Further Issues and Distinctions: Simultaneity, Immediacy and Continuity,” like seriously and for reals, didn’t literally everyone take that class at Stanford (circa 2016)? Dear Lord, please insert drastic eye roll here. Get with it, 3-Dimensional Plane. 

Ok, so. Here we ar back to our “past” conversation again, picking up where we “left off.” 

We generally aren’t supposed to “waste time- it’s just, so valuable,” so I’ll continue I suppose, but just like, yeah guys, it’s not like all of “time”: 

which, by the way, is in itself is just a word; a word that belongs to part of a language; language a device which was designed by human beings; a device that with legitimate plausibility exhibited by proven limitations indicated by falsehoods and fallacies; not to even mention the notably arbitrary way in which we have selected and agreed upon noises, noises designed to convey thoughts and ideas; but, even when sharing a language with another human being and in this imaginarily convenient hypothetical (see, we do all those things with language: to say Imaginary (untrue) things; to make our 

lives more convenient, is done so through the use of language at the hand of any word 

-you name it- “Beautiful,” is one I can think of off the top of my head. 

Lies. Cruelty. Manipulation. All with this super valuable tool we love so much! Between you and some other human, and you both knew every word there could ever possibly be, you will like, STILL  be limited by language to give a holistically complete and accurate depiction of yourself to anyone ever, as long you maintain the fact that you are a human being; until the day comes of course that quantum theory geniuses weirdos figures out how to truly advance human civilization, where maybe we could be like those super cool particles and being two places at once. Then maybe. MAYBE, one person could ever truly know another. And language wouldn’t even be helping with that. NEXT, we discuss

Fundamental limitations that are confused as being the “truth” (which is an ENTIRELY made-up concept, thanks, MAN.


Whoa now here we are, back to the blog. Ok so maybe time travel is a little bit real.