Dear Ashy,

She that is an extraordinarily gracious, transcendentally loving, kindly mysterious creature, ambitiously thoughtful; she the lateral perceptive problem-solver; that magnificent being of light– contemporaneously solivagant. Solivagant as she stumbles evenly through a dynamically floral and faunal gather of plants and trees; a bold and broadly untrimmed wildwood, tapered only just enough for her foot byContinue reading “Dear Ashy,”

Dear Edgar,

By way of a myriad of facets, among the creative, the philosophical, the spiritual and the scientific examination, fascination perpetuated by the multitude of existential variables are here sought to be explored.  Variables that inevitably and equally do and do not define streams of consciousness, but only to stay aware that with “do not’s,” nothingnessContinue reading “Dear Edgar,”

Dear Mr. Oaklander,

Hi. My name is Angela Mary Pope. I am categorically pleased that you appear to have arrived.  I’m Over The Moon! Through exteriorizing obstinately, emblematical, archetypal execution of irresponsibly spontaneous decision making-  -I have become, definitively and conclusively, the exceedingly ebullient writer of a blog. For the Grand Announcement:  …it’s! I am confident thatContinue reading “Dear Mr. Oaklander,”